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Services At a Glance- What We Offer

At One Stop, we never attempt to upsell clients or recommend procedures for the sake of
monetary gain. As a group of health fanatics and medical professionals, our team genuinely
enjoys curating personalized treatment plans based on the needs and wishes of the client. Our a
la carte approach to services ensures clients receive helpful recommendations, without ever
feeling pressured into treatments. Moreover, we believe in educating our clients regarding the
procedures they receive, whether they’re seeking lip fillers or hormone therapy Tampa residents
can rely on us for transparency. Below you will find a list of our popular services, of which you
can pick and choose. If at any point you have questions or concerns, we’re readily available to
thoroughly discuss any of our services or procedures. Here’s what we offer:


What is a Med Spa and Why Should you Visit?

At One Stop Med Spa, we work with a wide variety of individuals, accommodating
everyone from return guests to brand-new clients. Each practice will vary based on offerings and features; however, the basic premise of a med spa is as follows: medical spas offer treatments
that are designed to rejuvenate externally and internally. While a traditional spa focuses on
achieving many of the same outcomes as a med spa, a med spa provides services that are
administered exclusively by highly qualified medical personnel. Our certified crew at One Stop Med Spa offers clients non-surgical, yet highly effective services such as microneedling and Botox in Tampa.

One Stop Med Spa is your go-to establishment for all matters of health and wellness. Each day we conduct thorough assessments, recommend safe and effective services, and help clients reach their health goals whatever they may be. From looking and feeling younger to
rejuvenating your skin, we improve holistic health substantially without ever having to use surgery. From therapy to fillers Tampa locals have long trusted our med spa to deliver results
that far exceed expectations. We never tire of hearing how our services have positively impacted our clientele.

What Clients Say About US

Samuel Landrum
Samuel Landrum
I took my pregnant GF here to get a COVID test, we called and checked with our insurance that it would be $50. We went and sat for an hour waiting on the results and listened to endless steam of branded vitamin ads. He came in, told us it was positive and to take OTC Medicine. Covid analysis 10 Seconds. Vitamin Pitch 25 minutes.... Two months later we received a bill that stated our Insurance was charged $355.00, Of which $155 was for " 30-39min moderate level decision making" I called to discuss this with them on my GF's behalf, they did not verify mine or her identity and disclosed all the details to us. I eventually got on the phone with the provider himself, When i told him that i felt like she was taken advantage of he told me that he did me a favor and the test was positive and if i feel that way to come and say it to his #$%&*!$ face and hung up on me. I would usually just pay the bill but it just made me so mad, He was so cold to her when we there that she left in tears, and now because i questioned a line item on the bill he basically invokes a physical fight. Most of the people who have reviewed this place have only ever done one review and its this place, seems like bots to me and paid local guides. Ive filed complaints to the health and consumer board over this one.
Belinda Ramos
Belinda Ramos
Excellent fast service. Appointment the same day, no hassle. The staff, nurses and Dr was excellent. Thank you for caring
Grien Piccl
Grien Piccl
Dr. Patrick and staff were awesome..actually spent time talking to me instead of talking at me. Much better service than than my primary care doc.
Jenn C
Jenn C
I am late on this review. But I 150% recommend this place. I seen Amanda and she was a sweet southern delight! She was so knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with me listening to my concerns. She recommended that I repeat my thyroid ultrasound despite my doctor saying I didn’t need it. I demanded it and I had 4 new nodules. They were biopsies and cancerous! The staff was so welcoming. Amanda and Patrick will make you laugh and Amanda even prayed with me. I recommend to everyone I know. Thank you for potentially saving my life!
Ashley Egger
Ashley Egger
Absolutely the best place within miles. People are very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. The doctor was the best! 10/10 recommend.
Crystal Lynn
Crystal Lynn
They get me in and out super quick! I’ve been here the past 3x I’m sick. I appreciate them
Alissa Cribbs
Alissa Cribbs
We have had to use One Stop Medical Shop twice in the last week, and both times they have been great! Highly recommend!
Jill Hyatt
Jill Hyatt
Amazing experience. Highly recommend. I was so sick and felt welcomed From the time I walked in to the time I left
Mary Willis
Mary Willis
My First time in this office, I was seen immediately in the most professional matter! All of my questions answered. This place is Wounderful. So professional and caring..
Karyn Aldridge Auger
Karyn Aldridge Auger
After being sick for 5 days i decided to go to the doctor. My primary care physician office was just to far for me to drive with medicine head so I was looking for a walk in clinic. Just a walk in clinic, not an urgent care, not an emergency room, just someplace a medical professional could diagnosis, treat, and send me home. I have insurance but even with insurance my out of pocket for urgent care is $100.00. One Stop Medical Shop was amazing. Friendly, knowledgable and they did not try to up sell me any services other than what was needed to Dx me. I left with the requisite Rx and now am almost 100%. This is definitely my go to when I can't make it to my PCP. I later saw they offer some cosmetic services I am definitely going to explore too. Thank you One Stop I appreciate you very much!

Restoring your mind and body is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Make it a habit. Make it a priority. You won't regret it.

Why Choose One Stop Med Spa?

The Tampa area is home to plenty of reputable med spas, but none are quite like ours. We believe One Stop Med Spa should be your first choice for services, here’s why: Experience: With over 25 years of experience, we’ve solidified ourselves as Tampa’s premier provider of all thing’s aesthetics. Our team of reputable rofessionals are detail-oriented, expert- level problem solvers, and trusted voices of the industry. We make recommendations based on the holistic health of the individual.

Personalized: We believe that every client is entitled to an experience that is uniquely theirs. As a result, we go the extra mile to curate a plan that is expertly rendered to accommodate the individual and bring them one step closer to achieving homeostasis in health.

Transparent: Whether we’re assisting with lip fillers or microneedling Tampa trusts us for procedures and treatments that are clearly outlined and thoroughly explained. We walk you through the entire process so that you can get the most out of your investment.

Getting Started

Interested in working with one of our professional team members at One Stop Med Spa? We offer all prospective clients a free consultation! Learn all about our procedures from microneedling to Botox Brandon FL clients can’t get enough of. Let’s get your health and wellness journey jumpstarted today.


One Stop Med Spa

We believe overall wellness involves feeling and looking better. We offer unique and effective treatments for a variety of conditions. Let us help you on your personal journey to well and health.

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